Lining up the shin seams

It took a while but I was able to line up the seams on my shins. I have big calves and skinny ankles so fitment was a definite art not science. They definitely lol a ton better now that I fixed the mix up for the anovos numbering. They just didn’t look right when I was initially trying to piece them together. After swapping a left to a right it all fell into place. 

back view of the shins after fixing the seams. needed some help from the wife for this.
  1. I am currently using the anovos hook and loop to hold the calves together. I will be swapping it out for the elastic and bra hook set up you can find on . A lot of people went that route. I decided that since I was learning, what better way to learn but on a fastener system that I knew I could remove easily. 

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