FISD custom racing shirts arrived 

I have gotten a bit caught up in all the 501st merchandise you can buy once you join. One thing I ordered a while ago was a custom FISD racing shirt on the detachment site . 

It finally arrived in the mail today. Very excited to get it. I feel like I’m official now. 😉 

More trooping coming up soon. 

Installed glasses in helmet

I wear glasses. For those of you contemplating wearing your storm trooper helmet with your glasses it can be done, but it’s definitely not comfortable. I found an old pair of glasses with the prescription being close enough that they were usable and proceeded to install them directly into my helmet. So now I have a prescription storm trooper helmet. 🙂

My New Helmet bag!

There I s a trooper on the 501st Legion website that makes helmet bags for any troopers wanting them. I saw some of the photos and immediately knew I need to get one so I put in my order and it just arrived. What do you think? It absolutely works like a charm and looks exactly the way I was expecting it to. It’s perfect.