Anovos belt modifications

I follower UKSWRATH’s initial build as I was not going for centurion. I will eventually swap out the belt for a Kittel special but I was approved with anovos with no issues. 


i hand sewed on the small velcro patch after removing it to get behind it.
front side of the velcro patch before removing it.
what it looks like now from further away
i removed the two top chicago rivet/screws. they simply unscrew btw. no need to “force” (no pun intended) them. once removed ,cut a section of cloth from behind the velcro area that is only thru a single side and then cut out two curcles just big enough to cover the holes from the removed screws. i used simple white cloth glue and clamped them after linkng up the cloth “grain”.
It was literally that easy. Approval can be yours for about two hours of sewing and cutting and gluing.