FISD custom racing shirts arrived 

I have gotten a bit caught up in all the 501st merchandise you can buy once you join. One thing I ordered a while ago was a custom FISD racing shirt on the detachment site . 

It finally arrived in the mail today. Very excited to get it. I feel like I’m official now. 😉 

More trooping coming up soon. 

Installed glasses in helmet

I wear glasses. For those of you contemplating wearing your storm trooper helmet with your glasses it can be done, but it’s definitely not comfortable. I found an old pair of glasses with the prescription being close enough that they were usable and proceeded to install them directly into my helmet. So now I have a prescription storm trooper helmet. 🙂

My New Helmet bag!

There I s a trooper on the 501st Legion website that makes helmet bags for any troopers wanting them. I saw some of the photos and immediately knew I need to get one so I put in my order and it just arrived. What do you think? It absolutely works like a charm and looks exactly the way I was expecting it to. It’s perfect.

Armor Party!

We all get together with new members of the garrison to help answer questions as they build their armor to become full members of the 501st. The latest our party had a good turnout with a lot of extra work being done on the armor and a few full members who decided to get a second set of armor and put them together. Good people, good food, good conversation = an awesome time.

here’s were having two people helps to get the shoulder straps lined up correctly.
Great turn out for a great armor party.
Fred shows us how he builds his stormtrooper armor